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It’s funny, when we first start dating or even when we first get married, we as couples have a million fun things to talk about. We don’t need help with conversation starters, direction on how and when to talk to one another, it just comes so naturally. Well, then life happens…

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It is normal to go through lulls in a marriage where you find it hard to connect with one another. It is how you move forward that matters. It is important to keep lines of communication open at all times and talk about things that matter often, daily in fact.


Goals/The Future

What things are you working on? Personally, professionally, emotionally and mentally? It can be as simple as wanting to plant a garden, losing 5 pounds or something larger like wanting to change careers. No matter how large or small your goals are, discuss them with your partner. Update one another often on your status, how the other person can help, etc. Being on the same page with one another’s goals limits the possibility of the unexpected later. This goes for future planning too, know what one another is reaching/striving for.


It may seem silly, but keeping one another abreast of health concerns (mental or physical) such as taking a new medication or triumphs such as lowering your cholesterol or being able to run a mile are great things to share with one another. Be honest and open. It is never fair to keep these types of things from one another. It could be as simple as saying “hey, I’m feeling a little achy today because of my bad knee, I think I’m going to rest & take a Tylenol.”

Happy Times

It is often easy to get caught up in our daily lives, problems at work, hectic schedules and so much more that we forget to reminisce about good times and happy moments shared. Many therapists suggest that reminiscing about happy times can encourage/foster goodwill between you and your partner. Talk about the first house you bought, your wedding day, your kids being born, your first dates, etc. Reminding yourselves of your solid history together is a great way to increase your bond.


Of course, there are many more topics you and your spouse should talk about such as hardships or simply what you are grateful for. Most importantly, just keeping the line of communication open is key. Each day together is a blessing, even on those days, you’d rather have a do-over. Marriage is not a sprint, it is a marathon, take time to love one another each and every day you are blessed to be together.



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