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Hey Mamas! As a mom, whether you work full time, work part-time, from home or are a full-time stay at home mama, these must-haves apply to you! You may say you don’t care how you look or what you wear out, but deep down we all care what we look like. Caring about your appearance isn’t vain, it just means what it means, you simply care.

Know that I don’t wear certain clothes for others, I do it for me and I do it for my husband. I could be exhausted, sick or just having a bad morning; but if I take the time to do my hair, makeup and pay attention to the clothes I put on; I feel so much better instantly. I like feeling good about myself, therefore I take the time to care, simple as that!


Over the years, there are a handful of items I feel are must-haves for every mom, kind of the staple pieces that hold it all together. These items aren’t just trendy or fashionable, they are functional.

ITEM #1: Oversized Handbag. The brand isn’t important here, the quality, size and overall look are. I love a good diaper bag but sometimes I want something more fashionable. There are certain occasions it would be nice to not have to carry one or if I do, have it be more of a crossover diaper bag. Who says you can’t be practical and fashionable at the same time? Getting a good tote or handbag can be used as a carryon, as a purse, as a diaper bag and so much more. Don’t over spend here, do what is within your means. There are plenty of options at all different price ranges. Below are a few bags that I love.

ITEM #2: BB Creme and Bronzer/Blush. If you don’t wear makeup then don’t feel like you have to. I personally don’t wear very much makeup but have noticed a huge difference with these simple products. The BB cream takes away the shine and smooths out any blemishes I may have and the bronzer or blush adds a little pop of color when I am feeling dead to the world. The brand I use is Physicians Formula. They have a huge lineup of products, all I have tried are amazing and affordable.

ITEM #3: Daily Face Lotion. Since I was little, I have watched my mom use face lotion every morning when she gets up and every night before she goes to bed. She taught me that lotion is key to staying young. I didn’t believe her until I got older myself but still did it because she did. I truly believe this has made a difference in how I have aged and I know it has for my mom. She is absolutely beautiful and does not look her age. We both use Olay products.

ITEM #4: Scarfs. A scarf can be worn all year round and therefore this is an accessory you can’t afford to not have. For fall and winter, you can choose a heavier or even wool one to keep warm and add a little style. For summer, choose a lightweight and vibrant colored one. This item alone can take a plain shirt and give it that pop to make you look more put together than you are or at least how you are feeling.

ITEM #5: A Pair of Skinny Jeans. By this, I don’t mean skinny fitting in style, I mean a pair of jeans that make you feel absolutely amazing and skinny. Let’s face it, ladies, we can’t wear leggings every day of our lives, even though we may want to. I know jeans are a very difficult thing to shop for and can be very frustrating to find that perfect pair, but when you do, it is worth it! If you don’t like to shop for jeans, try buying online and just ship back the ones you don’t like. Most places offer free shipping and easy return options. After a lot of trial and error, the best fit for my body has always been Silver Jeans or Seven Jeans.

I would love to hear from you…what items you feel are stapes, what items make you feel good and why? Feel free to reach out to me thru any of my social media channels or comment directly to this post.


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