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Hi all, its that time again, yes it is Fitness Friday. Today’s topic hits home with so many of us women and moms. After having a baby or simply as we women get older, our core seems to be one of those areas we struggle with. For me, this is an area, along with my butt and thighs, that I train the most. In fact, experts say you can actually train your core every day as long as there is no medical reason not to. So let’s get to it. Add this simple core workout to your weekly workouts, your morning or bedtime routine. It only takes approx 10 minutes, so no excuses.

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In addition to the below workout, be sure to eat a healthy low-fat diet, get at least 30 min of cardio in 4-5 days per week and drink plenty of water. The combination will give you results. I do these exercises every week at least 4-5 times on top of my other workouts. They are easy to fit in before you take a shower in the morning or even before you go to bed if you don’t have time during your daily workout.

(Photo Credit) All photos come from Fitness Blender, an absolutely free website for fitness. It is a great website if you aren’t sure how to start or what an exercise looks like. I for sure think it is a great website for beginners.

Below is a list of 10 core exercises. Pick 6-8 of them each workout and do each for 30-45 seconds each 2-3x. Mix and match to get a full core workout. Consult with a doctor or health professional before starting any new workout. 

Plank Run

Image result for Plank Run fitness blender


Plank Side Crunch

Image result for Plank side crunch fitness blender

Russian Twist

Image result for russian twist fitness blender

Plank Jack

Image result for plank jack fitness blender

 Reverse Crunch

Image result for reverse crunch fitness blender

 Flutter Kicks

Image result for flutter kicks fitness blender

 Prone- alternating arm/leg raises

Image result for superman fitness blender






Bicycle Crunches 

Image result for ab workout fitness blender


Standing Alternating Crunch

Related image



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