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The ability to create and carry a human being in your belly has to be one of the best miracles in life. Not all people are blessed to do so and therefore it should be cherished. Let me tell you, though it may seem like forever at the time, you are only pregnant for 9 months (really 10), and when it is over, you will wish you documented your journey. I so wish I would have for my first child and am forever grateful that I did with my second child.


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I understand this is pricey, but certain things in life are really worth it. This is one of those times. It also doesn’t have to be super expensive. There are many photographers are just starting out and looking for subjects, family friends who do it as a hobby and so on. Look to your network of friends and family and see if you have any of those options available to you before you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I was fortunate to have a co-worker and friend who does photography that did mine for very reasonable price.

Also, look for photographers who do mini-sessions. If you have everything planned out in advance, a mini-session will be all that you need and it can save you a lot of money.


Once you find someone to document this miracle, take the time to also pamper yourself prior to the shoot so you are feeling your best. Get a pedicure or have your husband give you one at home, get your hair done, buy something to wear that makes you feel comfortable and more importantly beautiful. Taking the time to pamper yourself will show in your overall demeanor for the shoot. If your husband and/or other children are joining you for some photos like mine did, be sure to prep them and get their outfits ready too. Don’t rely on them to see your vision.

Take the time to discuss each photo you’d like ahead of time with your photographer, even send her examples so he or she clearly know what you are expecting. This will give you more time the day of the shoot for photos, not set up.

Finally, enjoy the process and don’t stress over it. Remember you are beautiful because you are literally growing another life inside of you. Try to embrace your new body and all that comes with it.



I never had photos taken with my first child as I mentioned above and I really regret it now. The photos I now have when I was pregnant with my daughter (second child) are so amazing and something I will cherish forever.

If you end up really liking the photographer and the photos for the maternity shoot, be sure to book them right then for the newborn photos as well. Another memory you’ll not want to miss documenting. Share some of your maternity photos on our Facebook page. I’d love to see them! I’ve shared a few of mine throughout this post, but below are a few more from our at home newborn shoot as well.













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      Thank you Carlie! Such a special time in a mom-to-be’s life! <3


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