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It’s no secret, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT FITNESS! Just because I love fitness, doesn’t mean I spend a million dollars on equipment and products, nor should I need to. Today I am going to share with you my go-to fitness products that can be used at home or when in the gym, and some even while traveling. My goal is to help women reach their own personal health & fitness goals so I hope these products and tips get you that much closer. Enjoy!

Product #1: Good Shoes

Good shoes are a must for any workout routine (unless you’re doing yoga or pilates on a mat). Having the right type of shoes for the workout you are tackling is key. I have two main types of shoes that I use; running shoes and what I call my gym shoes. The running shoes are used for…well running! Or walking, chasing kids, etc. My gym shoes are a shoe that is flatter so I can do HIIT, Weight Training, CrossFit, Stair Climber, etc. workouts without falling on my face. If you spending money in any area, this should be it. Find a shoe or shoes that fit you well and offer you the right amount of support for how you’ll be using them. See my Shoes below.

Reebok OSR SWEET ROAD SE Shoes – not only are these shoes beautiful, they have really been comfortable for running and various other workouts like walking, etc. They have a lot of cushion and arch support as well. When I used to run a lot more, I would wear Brooks shoes for obvious reasons. Now I am more of an occasional jogger, run once a week pushing the stroller with the kids, etc. Click image to link to these shoes.

Addidas Women’s Neo Lite Shoes – unfortunately these awesome shoes are no longer available. I’ve linked the next closest thing to a training shoe that I would purchase next. I like them because they are flatter and lightweight. Great for HIIT workouts, weight training and so on. I don’t lift super heavy, so for me, these work. A lot of people who lift heavier weights or do Crossfit will want a sturdier shoe.


Product #2: Exercise Resistance Bands

I’ve used exercise bands since I was a teenager in physical therapy. It’s only been the last 5 years or so that they have become highly popular in the main fitness world. The great thing about bands is they can fit in your bag or purse and be taken anywhere you go. You no longer have an excuse for not working out. You can get a great workout with these bands in as little as 10 minutes from anywhere (hotel, work, car, home). The two I recommend are below.



Product #3: Weights

Weight training tends to get a bad wrap for ladies because many people believe it will make you bulky and that is just not true unless that is what you are trying for. Weight training has really helped change my body for the better. I never had a butt and now I do. My legs are way more defined, as well as my back and arms. Below are some of the products I recommend; adjustable dumbbell set, kettlebell set and a good medicine ball (also can get a set). You by no means need all of these. If you can only afford one, I recommend the dumbbells.



Product #4: Yoga Mat

No, you don’t need to do yoga in order for a yoga mat to be useful. In fact, I rarely do yoga, but I still have a mat and use it often. I use my mat for a lot of reasons, one being that if you are on a harder service, it helps with any core moves or floor exercises you may be doing to protect your back, knees, elbows, hands, etc. I also use my mat for when I do my park workouts, it is helpful to have fore core work. Finally, I do use my mat if I go to a yoga class, am traveling or do pilates/yoga at home. Invest in a good one, see below for some options.



Product #5: Water Bottle & Shaker

It is important to stay hydrated, therefore having a water bottle you like is key. Who cares what brand, style, material, etc. Just buy one you like and will use. Also, a part of fitness is giving your body the nutrients you need, therefore a portable shaker is also important. They are great for a before/after workout protein shake or simply a snack throughout the day. See below for the ones I use and like.



Product #6: Comfortable Clothing

As a Woman, I think it is important to feel good about yourself when you are working out. The better you feel, the stronger you’ll push yourself. If you are comfortable wearing a raggedy t-shirt and shorts, a sports bra and leggings or the most on point matching fitness set, that is your choice. You do you. I mostly wear workout leggings and a racerback tank to workout. This is what I feel the most comfortable in, so that works for me. Occasionally I’ll wear just a sports bra and leggings or shorts but not that often. Please visit my website shop for some of my favorite fitness products and more. Recently I learned about the new company about ready to launch their line of workout clothes. I am so excited to try them because of what they stand for. Balance Athletica – be sure to check them out as well.


Live a Balanced Life

It is not my goal to live a strict and regimented life. It is my goal though to be an example to my children and to show them what a healthy and balanced life looks like. Balance is key to any healthy journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my favorite fitness products and that some of them work for you too.



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