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The moment has come, you’re finally a mother, but now what? The doctor doesn’t send home a manual on motherhood with you when you leave the hospital…so how do you survive on your own?! Don’t panic, being a mother, for the most part, is instinctual. However, with that said, there are so many so-called “experts” telling us moms the right and wrong way to do things that it does get confusing at times. This post is nothing like that, just useful tools and tips to help you survive your first 6 months, no lectures on raising your children and what you should and shouldn’t do…enjoy mamas!


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As a mom, it’s always good to have a plan going into any major endeavor, bringing home your baby for the first time should be no different. Know what family or friends can help you in your first few weeks. Know what meals you’ll be making for the first couple of weeks, in-fact, I recommend making meals ahead and freezing them or having family bring meals to you, even better! Write down your gameplan, discuss it with your spouse or partner and family or friends who are involved. Be prepared that even the best-laid plans may not work out, be ok with that and roll with whatever comes. For example, my mother got the flu when my second child was born and couldn’t help at all the whole first week.



You have 9 months to prepare for your child, don’t wait until the last minute, it will only cause unneeded stress. Start buying diapers of all sizes each week. Just don’t open them, stores will let you return or exchange as long as they aren’t open. Create diaper and breastfeeding stations throughout your home. Stock them with diapers, lotion, nail clippers, combs, butt cream, medicine, wipes, burp clothes, nipple cream, wash clothes, etc. For me, I have one in the nursery, one in the master bedroom, and one hidden in the living room tv entertainment center. Hang as many of your babies clothes as possible, use a drawer for pants, onesies, pajamas, etc. (Mommy Tip: Don’t actually wash and take the tags off new clothes, except the first week or twos worth, you may not get to all of them before your little ones grow and then can’t return).



To me, there are a few staple baby products that every mother should have and are worth investing in; Baby Glider or Rocker, Stroller, and Boppy Pillow. I believe these are the 3 products I used the most in the first year and the stroller is still in use. In addition to those 3 staple products, I also recommend a body carrier so you can be hands-free to clean, grocery shop, go for hikes, make dinner, etc. This is the one I have, click here.






I know it may seem selfish, but it isn’t. You must take care of yourself first so you are able to take care of your little one. This means taking time to shower, eat healthily, drink lots of water, get outside, exercise, etc. For the first couple of weeks, you’ll need help from others to remind you to do these things, help you get organized and into a routine. Once you are in a routine, you’ll know when you can fit these things in. I recommend waking before baby if possible to shower and get yourself ready for the day. If you aren’t up before baby, then you can simply use the rocker or glider above for baby while you shower and fix yourself your food. Having the option to set the baby down for 5 or 10 minutes was a total game changer for me.



There are a lot of products out there that you really don’t need and are super expensive. Through both kids, I”ve stuck with these few products and still love them to this day; Lavender Bath Wash & Lotion, Butt Cream, Hand Sanitizer and Swaddle Blankets. Yes, there are many more products that I have used, but through both kids and many of my friend’s kids, these are the tried and true products I feel really work and are best for your baby.



You’ll hear it over and over again, but it really is true, get sleep or at least rest while your baby is sleeping.  I personally was terrible at this for my first child and really burned myself out. I am not a napper, so it is really hard for me to do this but after my first child, I at least learned to not plan as many outings, activities and rested a lot more while my little girl napped. It really made a big difference in my overall mood and healing process. With that said, we took a vacation both times when they were each between 6-8 weeks old. Not the best plan, but we made it. So I’ll say it again, rest, rest and rest while your baby is.



There is so much information out there about motherhood now on how to raise our children, what products are best, how to put them to bed at night, when we can start feeding them solid foods, how we have to breastfeed, etc. Listen to your inner mom voice, know that your voice matters and you need to do what works best for your baby, you and your family. No mom or child is the same, nor should they be. Do what is best for you and feel confident in that decision. Don’t let someone else make you feel bad about your decisions as a mom.



I’m here to tell you that it goes by so so fast. Be sure to enjoy each moment as a new mama, because before you know it they will be going into Kindergarten. Believe it or not, you will miss those 2 am feedings and nights of rocking your baby to sleep so try to enjoy those moments now and create as many memories as possible. Enjoy Mamas!




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