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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it has got me thinking about what products I really love and even more, which of those products make me think of or inspire love and why. February is the perfect time to find ways to show love to others. Let this month of love inspire you!

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When a text or email just isn’t enough, think a little deeper. Think about how people used to communicate many many years ago. I may be considered old-fashioned for recommending this, but what is wrong with sending a letter or note to someone? Nothing is the right answer, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Think about how good it makes you feel when you get a personalized note in the mail…don’t you want to give that feeling to others? Well, I do and that is why I like keeping stationary on hand. Keep some blank note cards or inspirational ones like the ones I’ve used from Target. With Valentine’s Day coming up, now is the perfect time to invest in some stationary. When is the last time you sent a good friend or family member a personalized note?



There is nothing better than pouring a glass of wine and running a hot bath after a long day. One of the biggest selling points of our house was the jacuzzi tub in the Master Bathroom. Many years ago my husband and I found this Aromatherapy oil and lotion from Bath & Body Works. I noticed now they also have a candle, that I surely need to get my hands on. My husband really loves to take a bath, so for me, running him a bath is a great way to show him a little extra love. After I put the kids to bed, I can then join him. We may be dorks, but we both love watching our shows while taking a bath. Adding a little of the aromatherapy oil to the bath or lighting a candle makes it that much better. This is something we don’t do often enough and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it has me reflecting on things I need to focus on like my husband and my marriage. I know this is something simple I can do for him and need to do more often.


Cook with Love

Cooking or baking is a great way to show people you love them. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is no better time to invest in a set of heart-shaped cookie cutters. These will come in handy all year long. You can make heart shaped pancakes, pizza, fruit, sandwiches and cheese snacks for your kids and of course cookies are a must. Besides making heart shaped food, think of your loved ones during this month of love. Offer to make dinner for a friend, bake a special treat for your husband or send snacks into your child’s class. Get creative.


I know you have all heard of the FabFitFun boxes, right? If you haven’t, where have you been? They are amazing! You can sign up for a subscription, $49.99 per box, 4 times per year. Each box is valued at over $200 and you get it for only $49.99! Amazing right!? Don’t worry, if you don’t love everything you get in the box, you can save it for gifts and give the gift of love to someone else. My mom is the one who got me interested, she has been getting the box for a little over a year now and anything she doesn’t like, she saves and gives to my step-daughter, my sister-in-law and myself. It’s like a forced Christmas and Birthday gift savings plan. If you aren’t up for being surprised by what comes in your box, you can customize it before it ships. If you customize it, then you can plan even more for gift giving…the options are endless. Try it out, cancel at any time.

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

Even though this month is about finding ways to show love to others, don’t forget to also show yourself some love. For me, this means investing time in myself, making time to fit my workouts in daily and finding some “me” time each day. On top of my workouts, I also want to invest in my nutrition. Have you heard of the Teami brand teas and products? Right now they are featuring a bunch of Valentine’s Day specials: FOR HIM, FOR HER, DETOX sets, etc. Use my code FITMOM1 to get 10% off your order. The tea diffuser and the all-new on-the-go remote blender is a must. It is battery powered and you can blend on the go. Check it out! Don’t forget my code: FITMOM1. You are worth the investment in your health!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Everyone’s Valentine’s Day looks different, and that is ok. For us, we will be traveling this year to go see my in-laws in Gulf Shores, so I am actually not sure what mine will look like. Some years it includes a romantic date with my husband and some years it has been a family night in or out for that matter. Remember, even though it is more of a Hallmark Holiday these days, it is still a great reminder to love more. Enjoy your month of love! Comment below on how you plan to spend your holiday or any fun traditions you have.



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