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Often times marriage advice articles are very serious. Marriage is a serious commitment and should be taken seriously, but with all things in life, there should be and needs to be a lighter side. Some of these marriage tips are more serious than others, but each tip has a practical application if you look for the real meaning behind it. Enjoy!

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TIP #1: Leave the toilet seat down. Although most likely not a deal breaker, over time and under other stressors, this can be the straw that breaks the camels back.

TIP #2: Never go to bed angry, stay up and fight all night. All jokes aside this is something that my mom told me at a young age and is very true. If possible, find a way to become calm and work it out before bed, even if that means you have to agree to disagree.

TIP #3: Don’t say everything that is on your mind, just give the abbreviated version if necessary. More marriages would survive if some things were just kept unsaid. Be kind and put thought behind your words before you speak.

TIP#4: Women don’t think its gross every time he farts, it is life and he won’t change. Men don’t obsess over how long it takes your wife to get ready or that she has changed her clothes 5 times before you go out. This is just how men and women are.

TIP #5: Don’t go running to your mom or best friend every time your spouse does something you don’t like. You are a team and need to stick together in order for the team to succeed. Instead, try to think of positive affirmations to not only tell your spouse but also your friends and loved ones. Boost one another up.


TIP #6: Say yes way more than you say no.

TIP #7: Date nights shouldn’t be a thing of the past. Married couples who last are those who still date one another.

TIP #8: Marriage isn’t about who wins or loses. When talking/arguing with your spouse, be sure to listen to understand them, not to find a loophole to beat them with later.

TIP #9: Don’t forget to have fun + laugh. Marriages can easily turn into logistics; who’s picking up the kids, whos doing the grocery shopping and so on.

TIP #10: Know your spouses love language. I truly believe in knowing this not only for your spouse but for your other relationships in life. If you haven’t read: The 5 Love Languages, you need to. Commit to both you and your spouse reading it before your next date night so you can discuss it.

Be kind, love more, flirt more and even explore one another more. Marriage is not a sprint, it is a marathon, you have lots of time to figure it all out, just don’t forget you need to keep trying and contributing each and every day.



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