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Mom Life: My Maternity Photo Shoot

The ability to create and carry a human being in your belly has to be one of the best miracles in life. Not all people are blessed to do so and therefore it should be cherished. Let me tell you, though it may seem like forever at the time, you are only pregnant for 9 months (really 10), and when it…

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6 Items Every New Mom Should Purchase

Congratulations! First of all, congrats if you or someone you know is expecting or just had a new baby! There is no greater miracle in life! (The links in this post contain affiliate links at no cost to you. I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.) Though being a mom is…

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THE JOURNEY: Mom Wife Fitness Life

Why Mom Wife Fitness Life? Today I wanted to talk briefly about what this platform is for and what it means to me. Mom Wife Fitness Life was created late 2017 and has just started to take off. I created Mom Wife Fitness Life to share my life, experiences, and passions with you, my devoted audience. My goal is to…

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My Favorite Things: Spring Edition

SPRING IS ALMOST HERE I love Spring! Up until two days ago, I thought it was very near and then we were blessed with 6-8 inches of snow again! Yikes! Even so, being that it is March, I do know it is getting close. With a new season comes new must-have products for myself and my family. Below are some…

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Make Your Own Baby Food

We love our little ones and always want what is best for them. We tend to give them the best of everything, even at the expense of us as moms just getting whats left over. Food is no different, we want to give them the best nutrients to help them grow and be as healthy as possible. I’m the first…

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So if you have followed me on social media, you may have noticed over the last week that I have started a blog…well it is true! I am so excited that this day has finally come. My own blog and website are finally launched. I am eager to share with you all that Mom Wife Fitness Life is intended for.…

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