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Fitness After Injury

An injury of any magnitude can be extremely humbling. As I am sure many of you can tell, I am a very active & independent individual. I spend my days outdoors, at the gym, running around with my kiddos, etc. In the past, I experienced very significant injuries including a broken hip & pelvis! As painful as that was, I…

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Never Miss A Monday

Monday Vibes So let’s be honest, Mondays are not always amazing. Most of us are exhausted from trying to fit too much into the weekend and then, of course, we try to get everything done on the first day of the week so we feel accomplished. I’m not sure why we do this to ourselves, but we do. I set a…

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FITNESS IS MORE THAN EXERCISING If I’ve learned one thing from my own fitness journey, it would be that there is more to fitness than just working out hard every day. Your body also needs to be fueled properly so it has the energy it needs to keep up with your everyday life. You also will not see your desired…

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