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A Moms Holiday Survivial Guide

You Can NOT Do It All Thanksgiving is over and we are moving on into the thick of the Holiday Season: Christmas & New Years! During the holidays, things get chaotic and even stressful, especially for us Mama’s who try to keep it all together! The first piece of advice Mamas is, YOU CAN NOT DO IT ALL! Make a list,…

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3 Things to Do with Left Over Halloween Candy

So, it’s November 1st and the aftermath of Halloween is setting in. Your kids are probably tired and coming down from their sugar buzzes today…and you are now realizing they probably got way too much candy trick-or-treating last night. (The links in this post contain affiliate links at no cost to you. I may receive a small commission if you…

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Healthy Holiday Appitizers

Only 15 Days Until Thanksgiving & 47 Days Until Christmas!  The holiday season is coming up fast. That means a lot of holiday parties and a lot of holiday food. Yikes! If you are like me, you are always wondering, “Is there going to be anything healthy at the party for me to eat?” One way to know for sure…

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Simple Fall Decorations You Can Actually Afford

Fall is my favorite time of year. The smell of pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg in the air makes your house smell amazing and so homey. Not to mention all of the Fall Harvest festivals for your entire family to enjoy together. FALL DECORATIONS So many people don’t decorate their homes for the holidays because of 3 main reasons; too…

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